Purslane (SE) Yung Man official music video - musicvideo i edited

Gustaf Karlssons latest musicvideo he directed and shot this and i helped him with post production editing. He asked for a 70s style look so i used several different televised live concerts with the doors etc as a reference to create my own filter to give a worn out 1970 16 mm tv feel to the material. :)

Great song and fun material to work with, so check it out  on my channel above.

Purslane official video for the song "Yung Man" Directed by gustaf Karlsson Edited by the dapper Ola Paulakoski. Best Boy: Bob Wallace. Filmed on location at Knastret Record Store in Karlstad Sweden march 2013

Find out more at http://www.purslane.se


The video is made of: 

Gustaf Karlsson - Photo and Directed

Ola Paulakoski - Editing

Bob Wallace - Best Boy

A big thank you to "Kanstret" - a great record store.
And to all others who made this music video possible!


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