Scars of phoenix - born on the 13th musicvideo i edited.

The video i edited for Gustaf Karlsson and Scars of phoenix - born on the 13th is now also available on my youtube channel.:)

Scars of phoenix - Born on the 13th (Official video)

Musikvideon som jag klippt åt Gustaf Karlsson och gruppen Scars of Phoenix är nu färdig och finns att se på youtube nu även på min kanal. :)
The music video that I edited for Gustav Karlsson and group Scars of Phoenix is now  finished and can be seen on youtube! :)

Annonserings teaser långfilm som är i förproduktion 2012

Ghastly ghost in a car window.

A still from the music video Scars of Phoenix - Born on the 13th. A “demon / ghost” in a car window I put this together quickly in one hour. Really easy. :) Did not want to move to after effects but wanted to do this in premiere. Threw two pieces eight point garbage mattes on the ghost layer to o get enough points for o mask out the face. Then subtract and reduced opacity. Then Key away some of the darkness in the eyes threw a little blur and done. Hey presto, we have a ghost in the car window.
Full video should be up soon.:)


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