Megashark vs the great titan aka kolossus reminds me of my shortfilm irongolem vs evilgolem

Here is the trailer for the recent Megashark vs The Great Titan. :) But i must say it reminds me a bit of a short minecraft animation i did in 2012.
Iron Golem vs Evil Golem just look how Evil Golem finishes of is almost same as how the The Great Titan throws the shark. I had this video on another channel before and had over 50.000 views before i removed it maybe someone saw it got inspired? Could it be possible i inspired the asylum. :)

A screenshot of how we work now with the creature as a rod-puppet.

This is how we work now with the creature as a rod-puppet. Through a mikrobudget homemade greenscreen and results turning in. Getting the hang of masking, the new pen-tool in Adobe Premiere CC makes it alot easier. Just create some tracking markers and follow stretch manually its done.

So we have decided to make Hermit Monster Killer special effects all practical rod-puppet

We built a greenscreen set today at my place and shot some footage with our impressive rod-puppet for Hermit Monster Killer! And i must say it was alot of fun and looks great! :D

very creepy, disturbing children's cartoon, banned from TV

I stumbled upon this clip from Mark Twains Mysterious Stranger on Youtube must say i found this cartoon quite beautiful and faschinating actually. Creepy and strange just how i like it.

ÄLVEN SÄFFLE denver ac-5000w


Doppade min denver ac-5000w undervattens kamera i älven i Säffle medans jag väntade på bussen efter lämnat barnen par små aborrar kika fram börja inspektera min kamera.

Fiskar är smartare än man tror.


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