Promotehorror just posted our campaign about Hermit: Monster killer!

Promotehorror a website that promotes low budget horror films just posted our campaign about Hermit: Monster killer! on their site. 
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The werewolf cult chronicles: Gitts dream

Three werewolves in a barfight.

A Strange Werewolf film noir i made in 2005 for J. Pingo Lindström and 
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Salmonella teh duck hunt


Added new Vietnam Werewolf content on youtube playlist.


Richard Svensson just gave me another great production artwork for our featurefilm hermit: monster killer!

The Hermit in his kitchen, his dog Laban is resting under the kitchen table.
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DEN GAMLE OCH MONSTRET "Föredetta g.o.m"

Går nu ut med den officiella titeln för G.O.M "våran långfilm i förproduktion" och avslöjar lite mer om vad den här filmen kommer handla om. Filmen heter Den gamle och monstret. Gom är förkortning för Gamle och monstret.:)

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Some production and costume artwork for my upcoming feature film G.O.M

Artwork by Richard Svensson

G.O.M facebook page.

Our upcoming feature film currently in pre-production has a facebook page, hit like if you want to support us.:)



Out playing with my kids filmed with my gopro.


The werewolf cult chronicles vietnam 1969 full movie is now up on my youtube.


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